How do you make a profile gauge?

Author: Helen

Mar. 08, 2024



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This contour gauge is going to be 20" wide with a resolution of ⅛". The smaller the dowel, the higher the resolution. You could even use welding rod if you want the resolution even finer, or larger dowels if you don't need that much resolution.

⅛" dowels means that there will be 8 dowels per inch for a total of 160 to span the entire width. I found some 48" dowels and bought 40 of them. Align the ends and bundle them together with masking tape for even cuts. My saw blade takes out 1/16" per cut, so I cut them to 11 15/16" long.

Got interested in contour gauges after a recent thread.

In pipe fitting and sheetmetal there are formulas for templates n all that but it involves a lotta maff. Most of the time in the field for irregular fits we trimmed down cardboard templates or cut/ fit, cut/ fit s'more... it did work tho.

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Home brew gauge methods found online were interesting tho. Spaghetti w/ ty-raps, corrugated cardboard w/ welding wire. Didn't wanna cut up my welding wire or cut the straights oughta coat hangers FTM.

Was ready to buy spaghetti at the grocery store today when I found wooden skewers at the end of the aisle, 1/8" X 9-3/4" long, $1.99/ 100. Bingo!

Cut the top flap off a cardboard shipping box in the shop, 4.5" wide. Rolled it on a smaller diameter tube then turned over and rolled again to limber it up.

How do you make a profile gauge?

Homemade Contour Gauge

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