9 basic tips for repairing diesel generator sets

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Apr. 11, 2024



Having a diesel generator is the best solution for running your business smoothly during power outages. This high power rated generator can run large and heavy power equipment when you face any planned or unplanned power outage. However, due to continuous and long-term service, diesel generators require more care. In this article, we try to share the basic skills about maintaining a diesel generator. This information will help improve the service life and efficiency of your diesel generator.

Diesel generators require proper maintenance, which is very important for stable operation. Just like healthy food and exercise that are important in our daily lives, portable diesel generators also require maintenance to prevent unnecessary failures. In addition, proper maintenance of the generator set can extend the service life of the diesel generator set without the need for any expensive maintenance. Because when you know that any part of an industrial diesel generator is damaged, the replacement cost is very high.

Various techniques for maintaining industrial diesel generator sets help ensure the longevity of the generator set.

Tips for Maintaining Industrial Diesel Generators

Whenever any main or backup power source is used, it is very important to get the correct output during operations on the industrial site. Little knowledge and correct knowledge of diesel generator sets helps to simply understand the maintenance techniques of diesel generators required in industry. Here are 9 basic techniques for maintaining your generator set:

1. Check diesel engine oil regularly.

During the operation of the diesel generator, it is very important to check the condition and oil level of the engine oil. In addition, when you buy a new diesel generator, please change the engine oil after the first 20 hours of operation. When the diesel generator is operating normally, replace the oil every 100 hours.

2. Check the spark plug

The spark plug in the generator is an important part of the operation of the diesel generator set. But after using the spark plug for a long time, the reaction is not ideal. Therefore, a comprehensive inspection after every 100 hours is very necessary. A layer of high carbon builds up around these parts due to constant contact with oil. The first process is to clean it with the help of any wire brush and check if it is good or not you will continue the same. Otherwise, we recommend replacing it with a new one.


3. Annual inspection of diesel generator

Annual inspections under the supervision of a professional team of generator sets is one of the best ideas for improved performance and long life. The annual maintenance schedule for your generator is to ensure that the engine oil, air and oil filters are changed regularly. Additionally, a team of technicians checks and inspects all components such as alternators and switches to stabilize the performance of the diesel generator set. In addition, the replacement of old parts is also carried out according to this procedure. Annual generator set inspection is one of the important tips for maintaining diesel generator sets such as industrial diesel generators.

4. Generator cooling function

Since diesel generators provide high power output, the engine needs to be cooled during operation, thus generating high heat. It is the main reason for automatic shutdown of diesel generators. Most diesel generators have water cooling capabilities. So it is important to maintain water levels and properly cool the generator set. If the generator set has oil cooling function, please replace the oil according to the instructions.

5. Engine cleaning

Properly clean your diesel engine to remove unnecessary dust and other particles from the engine. These small particles are one of the main causes of severe damage to diesel generator settings. Additionally, this will maximize the chance of outage. To protect your diesel engine from this problem, regular cleaning is very important. Additionally, in addition to water pressure, a blower can be used to clean the engine.

6. Battery test

Batteries play an important role in starting diesel engines during power outages. Furthermore, the battery must be fully charged and maintained in good condition to avoid any kind of problems. A weak and uncharged battery is the most common cause of backup generator power system failure. Additionally, they must be clean and present with perfect electrolyte levels and gravity.

7. Recommended fuel for running the generator set

It is very important to choose the recommended fuel to run your diesel generator. That is, no blended oil is used, only premium fuel. Dirty fuel is caused by improper storage or refilling of the fuel tank in dusty conditions. To prevent this problem, store fuel in containers approved by the relevant authority, away from high-traffic areas. Also, do not refill in dusty and windy conditions.

8. Clean the diesel fuel filter

Various filters in generators are used to protect the engine from exposure to small particles and dust. The engine filter is an important part of properly running your engine. For example, oil filters are used to remove small particles from the fuel, and air filters protect the generator set engine from dust when the diesel generator is running. Therefore, always check the filter in a proper manner and replace it with a new one if necessary.

9. Installation and safety tips for generator sets

Install your industrial diesel generator set in a safe location. In other words, choose a dry and clean installation location for the diesel generator. Additionally, always use a generator housing to protect the engine from the elements, theft, and vandalism. Plus, the rugged and durable design of these canopies allows the generator to perform in the toughest job sites and in any weather conditions. Therefore, purchasing a canopy for your generator is one of the best ways to maintain your diesel generator.


Generators are critical pieces of equipment that are essential to running your business during a power outage. This high-power diesel generator set can run large electrical equipment and manage workflow without the need for mains grid power. However, without proper maintenance and parts inspection, it is difficult to get proper output from the operation. So it is very important to maintain the diesel generator set after every fixed time of operation.

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