10 Reasons Why LED Displays are the Preferred Method For Marketing

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Mar. 08, 2024



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    The first light-emitting diode, or LED light, first shone in 1962. It was invented by a General Electric employee named Nick Holonyak Jr. What makes the LED light so unique is that it works on an electroluminescent principle and can emit light in the visible specter and also in infrared or ultraviolet light. In other words, they do not use much energy, are small, last for a long time, and are extremely bright.

    Since the invention of this light, developers have continued to expand on the LED’s functionality and have added different colors to the lights. This has increased the ways in which they could be used, and eventually LED lights went from being just a small light bulb to an effective and practical method of marketing.

  1. Versatility-

    LED technology has come so far and they now light up beautiful digital displays all over the world. If used the correct way, they can be beneficial to any business. In the digital world, they can be changed instantaneously and as a result, continue to grab the attention of customers in new and creative ways as frequently or as infrequently as desired.

  2. Customization-

    This refers to not only what is shown on the LED display, but also on the sign itself. The size of LED displays is customizable and can also be used both indoors and outdoors. This customization is valuable because it does not marry a business to just one marketing display at all times. It is able to evolve with the business and have one display now and another one later. Custom and targeted messaging is able to take effect within seconds, which is an invaluable marketing capability and tool.

  3. Remote Operation-

    The technology that runs the LED displays actually allows the visuals on the sign to be changed without ever touching the sign itself. Wireless data sends messages back and forth between the sign and a computer that allows the imagery to be changed within seconds. This reinforces the beauty of the technology used within LED displays and how powerful yet simple it can be for the user.

  4. Eye-catching-

    The actual LED lights that compromise the entire LED displays have come so far from where they began. The lights emit a brilliant and clear light with such a wide variety of colors that when combined, are able to create visually pleasing pictures and imagery that are eye catching to customers from any angle.

  5. Demonstrates Being Technology Cognizant-

    Let’s face it, technology is everywhere these days. While having pride in your current operations is admirable, making an effort to enhance your business by incorporating the latest and greatest technology is equally important. Since LED displays are so versatile and customizable, it is a simple technology solution to maintaining an effective marketing edge.

  6. Indoor and Outdoor Displays-

    LED displays have the ability to function both inside and outside of establishments, which makes them marketing and advertising superstars no matter where they are placed. They are safe and reliable in any kind of indoor or outdoor environment. That is a huge added bonus to any marketing initiative, especially one that  involves illumination and catching the eyes of passersby.

  7. Low Maintenance-

    It is simply a myth that LED displays are high maintenance. They are actually extremely low maintenance and can be easily customized and changed as frequently as you would like. USSI Global offers specific training that allows all people involved to become aware of just how user friendly and simple it can be to work with an LED display.

  8. Customer Engagement-

    Being able to actually involve customers through engagement such as displaying opportunities for coupons, loyalty clubs, or promotions is an advantage that serves businesses who use LED displays so well. It offers the opportunity for proximity selling and being able to target the audience that you know is in that area through specific words and imagery and as a result, create business opportunities through the engagement created by these signs.

  9. Technical Support-

    Introducing LED displays into your business is more than just having it installed. In fact, USSI Global not only installs the displays, but also maintains them. Continuous support and maintenance is provided through our Technical Help Desk professionals and service providers that will meet the most challenging service level agreement. That includes software updates, tailored maintenance programs, and preventative maintenance.

  10. Complex Simplicity-

    The amazing thing about LED displays is that they are made up of such sophisticated technologies and yet working with them and understanding how to use them effectively is not complicated at all. This is excellent news for anyone who wants to improve their marketing messages through updated technology but does not want to have to dedicate a great deal of time or energy to learning about the technology itself.

Advances in technology have made sharing information with audiences even better. These LED screen benefits demonstrate how these displays can help your organization.

Outdoor Applications

Unlike most electronics, LED screens can be water-resistant. This makes them an ideal choice for outdoor events and stadiums. They also work well in advertising applications such as billboards and informational signage. Neoti outdoor LED displays are especially resilient, and we offer lightweight and large-scale options.

Sizing Flexibility

With LED, you no longer have to confine yourself to set sizes or shapes. Whether you want your display straight or curved, square or rectangular, large or small, you can achieve the exact look you need with Neoti’s help. When you incorporate a display that’s tailor-made for your purpose, you receive a polished and professional effect.

Seamless Appearance

Tiled monitors used to be the norm, but one of the biggest downsides of this option were the seams. LED’s sizing flexibility means you no longer have to puzzle-piece your display together. The screen can be one, seamless piece that displays your message or video flawlessly.

Picture Quality

One of the best benefits of LED display panels is the amazing picture quality. Neoti’s fine pixel pitch displays create stunning visual output for your direct-view audience. Today’s viewers expect stellar picture quality—give them what they want with our high-resolution display options.

Long Lifespans

Neoti LED screens provide a strong return on investment. Our durable displays boast long lifespans. Best of all, our experienced service team offers certified LED repair. If your screen sustains damage, we can help you restore it, so you won’t have to pay the higher fee to replace it. This longevity makes the investment worthwhile for any organization.

In addition to these LED screen benefits, Neoti products are versatile. Our displays help broadcasters, academic institutions, athletic facilities, religious organizations, and corporate professionals share their messages with their audiences. No matter which market you operate in, we can help you find the perfect LED display. Contact us now to learn more.

10 Reasons Why LED Displays are the Preferred Method For Marketing

LED Screen Benefits




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